12 May 2006

* May 2006

Basbousa - Semolina Cake בסבוסה - עוגת סולת

Aya's Easy Yeast Cake צמות השמרים של איה (מעצבת אופנה) -איילה

Forest Fruit and semolina mousse קציפת סולת בטעם פירות יער

Fluden פלודן-המתכון הסודי של סבתא שלי

Dulce de leche ריבת חלב

חניתה הראל©כל הזכויות שמורות על תכנים והתמונות.עולם קולינרי עשיר המוגש לכם בעברית


Hande said...

Oh Girl!

What you did? I`m just trying to keep my diet away from sweet stuff and look at those pcs. It`s not fair at all.

Take care.


chanit said...

:-) :-) Thanks for visiting me here.
Where are you from?..

Hande said...

Originally Istanbul and live in US. I had few visits to Tel Aviv and i can never forget that powdery beach. Orange trees, nice people, etc. So i have some ideas about Israeli cuisine, food was very close to our taste back in Turkey. I wish i will be there some day again.

Have a good one!

chanit said...

hande welcome !
I'm glad to see you're here !
have you any web site or Blog I can visit too? and.. I hope you'll visit Israel again ,someday ;)

Hande said...

Thanks Chanit!

I wish i will be there again. I live in Michigan, which is about -15 C during the winter and you can`t even open a window for 6 months. So Tel Aviv is warm and sunny. Just like i love.

I`m sorry but i don`t have a blog. I am not a person who is gonna update her blog few times a week or less. So i am just trying to enjoy to be a blog reader :))

Thank for responding me. And you`ll be here someday i`ll be very pleased to meet you in person.

See you. Say hello to Israel.

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